Bright Brewery Processing Plant

A bright new future has started to take form for Bright Brewery, with the construction of a new production facility.

Located on Churchill Ave in Bright, at the site of the former Bright Dairy which the brewery purchased mid-last year, the development is a key part of Bright Brewery’s multi-million dollar expansion.

The new building will be known as “Fred’s Shed”, named by owner and founder Scott Brandon during Bright Brewery’s 10th Anniversary celebrations last year, in honour of the late Fiona Reddaway.

Bright Brewery’s increase in production capacity aims to help the business brew the volume of beer required to support a national product.

“After 10 successful years of growing Bright Brewery as a destination and hospitality offering, we now want to see a little bit of Bright at bars and bottle shops around the country,” said Marketing Manager James Davidson.

“Our initial focus is to wholesale our bottled products across North East Victoria and in the thriving craft beer market of Melbourne. Eventually we will have the resources that will allow us to sustainably make and distribute enough beer to nationwide.”

“The heart and soul of our business will always be at our existing venue on Great Alpine Road, where we will continue to brew new and experimental beers.”

“While the new facility will purely be for beer production, administration and logistics – and therefore won’t be open to the general public – we hope that it will add plenty of value to the local community through jobs, brewing capabilities and sustainability initiatives.”