Nick Malkin

Principal at Foresight Engineering Services

Nick is a qualified mining engineer and has accumulated 15 years of experience in the mining and civil sectors. For the past five years Nick has provided expertise as a consultant to numerous government agencies and private sector clients in North East Victoria.

Shaun Paul

Principal at Foresight Engineering Services

Shaun is a qualified civil engineer with extensive experience in project management. Shaun has worked on a variety of multi-million dollar civil construction projects in Europe, South East Asia and Australia.

Peter Malkin

Engineer and Surveyor

Peter is a mining specialist with extensive experience with gold resource projects in Victoria and assists with the preparation of mining Work Plans and engineering surveys.

Tom Harding

Mechanical Engineer

Tom is a qualified mechanical engineer with 12 years experience in the UK and Australia across a range of roles with clients including Rolls Royce Aerospace, Iluka, BHP Billiton, GSK and Alcoa. Tom has been managing design and construction projects over the past 2 years working closely with AGL Energy and Mars, consistently meeting budget and time requirements.

Dan Bryant

Engineering Draftsman and Surveyor

Dan is a qualified draftsperson and heads our engineering surveying team.

Greg Griffiths

Civil & Structural Designer