Foresight Engineering Team

Our approach is “the right person on the right task”. When the right person is on the right task, the project runs smoothly, efficiently and with the best outcomes.

Our Team


We create a tailored team for each project, blending the expertise and seniority of the team based on the client and project requirements. Our senior staff bring gained client and industry knowledge and experience, as well as the technical approach and expertise, input and guidance. We allow for specialist and expert resources to offer specialized solutions and technical diligence when required. Our juniors are mentored and deployed when practical to provide efficiency to clients.

We take the layers out of the project team, retain client knowledge and understanding, and take a holistic approach to every project delivery. Making it easy to work with us and to deliver better outcomes.

Shaun Paul

Director /Principle Civil Structural Engineer

Shaun was an original founder of Foresight Engineering in 2009. 

Shaun is a qualified Civil Structural Engineer with over 20 years of experience in project management. 

Shaun has worked on large scale civil construction projects in Europe, South East Asia and Australia. 

Shaun is the Principle Civil and Structural Engineer for Foresight Engineering.

Tom Harding

Director / Principle Mechanical Engineer

Tom joined the Foresight team in 2014.

Tom is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with experience in the UK and Australia across a range of industries with companies including Rolls Royce Aerospace, Iluka, BHP Billiton, GlaxoSmithKline, Alcoa, Mars and AGL. Tom has been the Lead Engineer for numerous mechanical and multi-discipline infrastructure projects ranging up to $80M.

Tom is the Principle Mechanical Engineer for Foresight Engineering

Lisa Dunne

Process Engineer, Project Manager, Business Administration

Lisa is a qualified Chemical Engineer with 6 years Process Engineering and Project Management experience in the Pharmaceutical and Aluminium Industries and has worked for Hatch, Alcoa and GlaxoSmithKline.

Lisa also has 2 years of experience delivering capital and maintenance projects for Local Government.

Lisa is responsible for the financial systems and business operations of Foresight Engineering.

Lisa also provides Process Engineering and Project Management services to our clients for a range of projects and has been working with Foresight on a part-time basis since 2015.

Alex Robinson

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

Alex is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with recent experience in the power generation and manufacturing industries.

Alex has a valuable ability to combine his strong mathematical abilities with his practical, hands-on background. Alex is able to learn new skills and become familiar with new processes extremely quickly and offers a cost-effective mechanical engineering resource to our clients.

Alex joined Foresight in April 2019 and has quickly become a valuable member of the team.

Michael Walker

Graduate Civil Structural Engineer

Michael is a qualified Civil Structural Engineer with extensive experience within the residential housing field.

Prior to graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2019, Michael worked as a project estimator for Simonds Homes. This experience gave Michael a good practical understanding of structural details and connections to complement his academic qualifications.

Michael joined Foresight in December 2019 and is a valuable member of the team.

Daniel Bryant

Draftsman and Surveyor

Dan is a Civil Draftsman with 10 years of experience within the Civil Residential and commercial sectors. 

He completed a Diploma of Engineering Technology in 2010 at the University of Ballarat. Dan performs site surveys and set outs for a range of residential and commercial clients. Dan utilises AutoCAD Civil 3D to perform civil design and drafting. Dan also performs soil testing, condition inspections and supports our Civil Structural Engineers. 

Dan joined Foresight in 2010 and is a key member of the Civil Structural Team.

Anthony Drummond

Senior Mechanical Draftsman

Anthony is a Mechanical Designer with approximately 15 years’ drafting experience in the industry.

Anthony’s trade background in Boilermaking (ticketed for structural welding and pressure pipe welding) provides a strong foundation for developing design solutions for pipe systems, pump rooms and mechanical structures. Anthony has worked for large engineering firms such as Hatch, Roach Mining, Keppel Prince and for clients such as GlaxoSmithKline, Mars Petcare, AGL, BHP and Tru Energy. Anthony has recently been Lead Draftsman for a $60M aquaculture project in Portland.

Anthony has been the Lead Mechanical Draftsman at Foresight since 2014.

Matthew Logan

Senior Mechanical Draftsman

Matthew is a Mechanical Designer with approximately 20 years’ drafting experience in the industry.

Matt’s trade background in fitting and turning provides a strong foundation for developing design solutions that are practical and cost-efficient. Matt has worked for large Engineering firms such as Hatch, Worley Parsons, Alcoa and Kempe International. Matt has lead drafting teams and has managed Drawing Information Systems on behalf of clients. Matt is highly proficient in AutoCAD 3D and Inventor.

Matthew joined the Foresight team in 2019, having worked closely with Tom Harding in various roles over the past 15 years.

Jarryd Poyner

Senior Surveyor, Civil Draftsman

Jarryd is a Senior Project Surveyor with 10 years Surveying and GIS experience and has more than 5 years of experience successfully managing teams of surveyors and engineers on large scale complex projects.

Jarryd has worked on major Tier 1 infrastructure and construction projects and has previous involvement in large scale open cut mining and exploration. Jarryd is adept at modern surveying processes and technologies, including drone use and laser scanning, and is highly proficient in Civil 3D AutoCAD.

Jarryd joined the team in September 2020.

Greg Strada

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Greg is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with approx. 30 years’ experience in across a range of industries with companies including Iluka, BHP Billiton, GSK, Alcoa, Mars, Incitec Pivot. 

Greg has been Lead Mechanical Engineer for numerous projects and offers a wealth of mechanical engineering experience.

Greg joined the Foresight team in 2018, having worked closely with Tom Harding in various roles over the past 15 years.

Andrew Palm

Contracting Mechanical Engineer and Draftsman

Andrew is a Mechanical Project Engineer with approximately 15 years’ experience in heavy industry such as mining and materials handling.

Andrew has a strong background in belt conveyors across a range of products such as coal, salt, Uranium, rocks and Iron ore. Andrew has worked directly for conveying equipment manufacturers such as Sandvik, Belle Banne, Imas and Beltreco.

Andrew has been contracting to Foresight Engineering since 2015.

Greg Howard

Contracting Mechanical Engineer

Greg is a Mechanical Engineer with 20 years experience in industries such as Materials Handling and Storage, Water Storage and Wastewater and specialises in the design, modification, project management, supervision and commissioning of process plants and large infra-structure projects.

Greg’s areas of expertise include boilers, sulphuric acid plants, materials handling plants, pollution control facilities, automated production lines, minerals processing plants, petrochemical refineries, pipelines, dams, water and sewerage treatment plants.

Greg has significant construction and supervisory experience and is primarily engaged to undertake unusual, problematic, and difficult projects.

Greg began contracting to Foresight Engineering in 2020.